5 End-of-School Party Pleasers

The last few weeks of May are full of celebrations from graduations to end-of-school parties to prom to field day. No matter the age, partying is going on! It’s a time to celebrate the school year’s completion and get ready for summer, free time and vacation. What’s not to be excited about?!

However, whether you are a kid, a teacher or a parent, partying usually means lots of food, lots of sugar and thus lots of added calories. Now hear me out, you don’t want to be the party-pooper mom or teacher and bring veggies to the party, but there are some things you can do to lighten and freshen up any gathering. Here are 5 quick pleasers for your partying people: 

  1. Pre-party prep: Many people meet up before prom or graduation to take pictures and get ready for the big event.  Nine times out of ten the food that will be consumed later is “fun food” so try having a fruit and cheese plate or whole grain sandwiches with meat and cheese ready to go as people gather. Eating a protein-rich snack before will help curb cravings later. Not to mention a little food can settle a nervous stomach.
  2. Skip the extra sugar: Instead of juice boxes or other sweet beverages, try smoothies!  Adding some Greek yogurt and low-fat milk to fresh fruit adds nutrients and protein without giving all the kids a sugar-high! Maybe a tad more difficult to travel with, but just get a cooler or freeze individual cups and let them thaw on the way to the party.
  3. Light and sweet bites: Many parties like field day or end-of-school parties are outside where it is warm! Fruit kabobs and skewers are great hydration treats for kids to grab on the go.
  4. Fruit pizza: A “fun” party food option is fruit pizza. Use oatmeal cookie dough as the crust. You can always add in dried fruit, nuts or coconut to make the crust more interesting. After the large cookie is cooked, layer with vanilla Greek yogurt and all colors of sliced fresh fruit. Kids of all ages will love this treat!
  5. Party Bags: Try bringing nutrient-rich party bags. Instead of candy and cookies, try fresh fruit, whole grain granola bars or 100% fruit leathers as ingredients in the bag. Even try something other than food like stickers, cool pens/pencils or even recipe cards. Most kids will leave school with plenty of candy, so having some other things is good!