5 Game Day Dessert Interceptions

Burgers and beer…and boodies if you don’t watch out! With football on four of the seven days in a week, if you are dippin’, chippin’ and snackin’ it up regularly, you might quickly find a little more boodie with your burgers and beer! Intercept extra calories with your desserts this football season with these 5 sweet game day changers:

  1. Get skinny on creamy: White, thick and creamy ingredients can add tons of fat and thus calories to your game day goodie goodness! Subbing Greek yogurt for things like cream or cream cheese can be a high protein, much lower calorie swap. Also using low-fat milk versus whole milk or liquid creamer will do the same while still tasting great!
  2. Protein pop your flour: Did you know you can sub half the flour in a recipe for plain whey protein powder?! This cuts down on some of the carbs and adds a pop of protein, which is usually lacking in a dessert. Your guests won’t know the switch, but if the recipe allows you can always use vanilla or chocolate flavored protein too. But plain powder is a plain, winning protein pop!
  3. Fruit swap: Many desserts are laden with candy and added sugars. It’s not to say you can’t have some (after all it is dessert), but if you are chomping down candy desserts every time football is on this fall, it might start to show! Try swapping fresh or frozen fruit in cookies, as toppings or even in the frozen desserts. A natural sweet treat with some added fiber!
  4. Smush and mush it: Lots of cakes and baked goods have oil as an ingredient. Not to say oil is bad, as Canola oil is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, but with butter, sugar, flour and other dessert-goodness, it can jack up the calories in a hurry! Smush, mush and puree prunes as a sub for oil in baking. Much less calories with added nutrients and fiber.
  5. Slice it down: Not rocket-science, but simply cut, slice and shape your desserts smaller.  Just eating less will help you slice down the calories of your favorite desserts and goodies!

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