5 Nutritious Tips to Kick-Off the Season Opener

Football is back! This weekend we have college and NFL games! If you’re a football person like me, this is what fall is all about! And maybe some cooler weather! But first things first, as you start creating your tailgate party spreads, think of some ways to add nutrients and lighten it up! One day of tailgate delicious won’t hurt your waistline, but a season of it might! Here are 5 game changers for your tailgate spread this football season:

  • Start the line-up with color – Start the tailgate line-up with a veggie tray full of bright colored, bite-size veggies
    1. Full of fiber and water so they get you full
    1. Nutrient-rich with lots of vitamins and minerals, which are often missing on the weekends
    1. Consider grilled veggie kabobs as a game day app
  • Pass on high fat dips – Go with lower fat, high protein dips
    1. Hummus (any flavor) can go with veggies, crackers, pita bread and will add some protein and healthy omega 3 fat to your spread
    2. Guacamole is great with corn chips or pita chips and is a great way to get more healthy fat in your tailgate line-up
    3. Alter your spinach and artichoke dip by using low-fat cheese and plain Greek yogurt
    4. Buy Ranch and French Onion Packets and mix with Greek yogurt for a protein punch
  • Blitz the crunch – Stay away from fried, greasy potato chips and French fries
    • Switch the greasy chips for whole wheat crackers, pretzels and whole grain pita chips
    • Instead of fries, try roasting potato or sweet potato wedges in the oven – leave the skin on for added fiber
  • Lean up the meat – Many tailgate party meats are fried, breaded and higher in fat
    • Grilled and baked boneless, skinless chicken wings
    • Grill beef, chicken and veggie kabobs
    • Quesadillas made with grilled chicken, 2% cheese and veggies in whole wheat tortillas are the perfect party pleaser – cut them in fourths and they are a perfect bite-size snack
    • Sliders with 90/10 beef, 2% cheese, avocado and veggies on whole grain buns
  • Score with dessert – Try a lower fat, portion-controlled dessert
    • Fruit tray with a yogurt dipping sauce
    • Fruit and yogurt parfaits
    • Fruit kabobs
    • Foil cupcake holders of trail mix
    • “Nice Cream Sandwiches”
      • Mix Greek yogurt with chopped fresh or frozen fruit and put between graham crackers halves and freeze

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