5 Thanksgiving Leftover Twists

One of the biggest cooking days is over and your refrigerator is now stuffed with leftovers from your family’s feast! What to do, what to do?! Well, you don’t want to waste it and throw it away and you sure don’t want to cook more so let’s get creative on some easy ways to re-use what you already have. Sure you can always freeze it, but who wants Thanksgiving leftovers in January? No one! Come January, we will all be working to burn Thanksgiving goodness off! So, here are 5 ways to twist your leftovers into next week’s treat!

  1. Sweeten up your breakfast: Many people think eggs and bacon at breakfast, but they forget that a slash of sweet can really brighten your morning. This week try a sweetened egg breakfast quesadilla/muffin. Scrambled up an egg or two and pop one-two slices of turkey bacon in the microwave. Toast a whole wheat English muffin or whole wheat tortilla and add some slices cranberry sauce to your savory egg, turkey bacon breakfast sandwich. Sound weird? We eat eggs, toast, and jelly so a twist on an old favorite.
  2. Sweet and savory sandwich: Two staples of Thanksgiving are turkey and cranberry sauce. And typically, you have both left after your feast so get creative with lunch next week. Take slices of carved turkey and cranberry sauce and add slices of green apple, a slice of Cheddar or Swiss cheese and a little honey mustard on 100% whole grain/oat bread for a sweet and savory sandwich. Paired with a mixed green salad this is a great way to be resourceful and make a tasty, lean lunch!
  3. Make soup: Broth-based soup with veggies and protein is a lean way to re-use Thanksgiving. Use vegetable or chicken broth and heat with leftover veggies and turkey for a way to warm-up an evening or two next week. If you have left over cornbread or rolls, you could pair this with the soup for a little carbohydrate addition.
  4. Mashed potato bowl dinner: The goal at dinner is to get protein, carbohydrate, and vegetables in so why not make a Thanksgiving leftover layer bowl?! This is fun for your kids as they can make and layer their own. Start your bowl with leftover mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes. Next, top with whatever vegetables you have leftover: green beans, corn, roasted veggies, etc. Finally, crumble up your left over turkey or ham on top.  It’s a fun way to use all of your leftovers in one!
  5. Pumpkin toppings: Instead of throwing away pumpkin bread or pie, crumble up into a topping for a Greek yogurt snack next week at work. Coupled with some chopped nuts and cinnamon, it’s a great snack with a hint of your favorite holiday sweet. Another option is to sprinkle it in your warm, morning oatmeal or top whole grain waffles with vanilla Greek yogurt and pumpkin crumble for a protein, antioxidant beta-carotene kick!