5 Ways to Intercept Your Crunch Calories

You know I love football and it can be a great illustration for good! Interceptions are often game changers in football; they win games…they lose games. Many times intercepting some of our favorite foods and making them healthier can help us change the game and win too. If you are like most Americans, you love chips. They are at every football tailgate and holiday party around and if you aren’t careful, they can add up real fast if you are watching football four nights a week! But the reality is you can make a couple of twists on chips and to intercept all those extra calories. Check out these interceptions:

  1. Go baked: Most chips are fried in oil which obviously add lots of fat, both saturated and some trans fat. FYI those are the “not so good ones”. Many companies have changed their oils to prevent trans fat formation in cooking, but the reality is its still potatoes or tortillas soaking up oil in a fryer. Try baked chips. These often are lower in calories, total fat and saturated fat. Typically not as greasy either!
  2. Change the crunch: Who says your crunch has to be a chip?  There are so many whole wheat crackers, pita chips, nut thins, etc. that work as great dippers are snack items at your party. Try a whole grain cracker instead to add fiber and nutrients while cutting back on fat and calories.
  3. Go homemade: Make a chip. Take some whole wheat or corn tortillas, drizzle them with a little olive oil and seasoning and bake your chips. You can flavor them as you like and really cut back on additives and fat.
  4. Change the dip: If you love your chip and just don’t want to change it, change the dip.  Often times it’s the queso, ranch and creamy spinach dips that get the chips in extra trouble. Try having dips like guacamole (rich in healthy fat), hummus (rich in protein and fat) or a healthier spinach dip made with fresh spinach, reduced fat cheese and olive oil (rich in fiber and healthy fat) as counterparts to your crunch.
  5. Go veggie: Yes, you can make chips with veggies! That will naturally cut down on lots of calories and add tons of fiber to your crunch.  One of the best options is to use an air fryer! Zucchini, kale, sweet potatoes…air fry it and you have a chip!

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