Create a Game Plan for Mealtime Success!

Lots of families end up in the drive-thru because they didn’t plan ahead. While planning meals and snacks amidst a busy schedule can be a chore, there are a few tips that help make it easier!

  1. Plan the week out: Fall is full of events and games to watch so plan your meals and snacks in advance! Making a list of what meals you and/or your family will eat this week will take off some of the stress and hopefully prevent some of the drive-thru stops. When it comes to eating right, it usually boils down to planning right! That does not mean you have to cook a Martha Stewart meal each night of the week, but on the nights you are eating in, have what you need so you don’t abandon the cause. We almost all eat better when we eat in!
  2. Grocery shop early: Grocery stores are slammed on game days and on weekend afternoons so don’t get caught in the mess! A few good grocery shopping tips to get in and out are first, make a list. That will keep you from buying more food and snacks than you need. Oh, and don’t go hungry as you will really buy extra! Finally, head out early Saturday morning or late Saturday evening and you can run through the isles without hitting anyone.
  3. Prep quick breakfast options: Let’s face it, lot of families are out late on weeknights due to kid sport practices and games, so try overnight oats for a quick pre-prep breakfast on busy mornings! Fill up little jars of oats and milk then your kids can fill them up with their favorite granola, fruit, nuts, etc. Everyone will be out the door on time well-fueled!
  4. Saturday snack baggie party: Put your kids to work! Get out the snack baggies, crackers, nuts, etc. and get your kids bagging up their snacks for the week. They can do this while watching their favorite Saturday morning shows and save you some time. Plus, they will have nutrient-rich snacks ready to go for the week. Research also shows that kids that help prepare food are more likely to eat it!
  5. Plan weekend football party apps that can sit: You sure don’t want to be rushing around pre-game trying to mix and whip up! Try snacks that can be made in advance and stored in the fridge! Options like Ranch dip made with Greek yogurt, skewered Mediterranean mozzarella, and tomatoes drizzled with Balsamic vinegar, hummus, and fruit cups are all quick pre-prep solutions! You can even create an anti-pasta platter that will be ready to whip out with dip and kick-off!