Decorating Food and Football with a Taste of Fall

Fall and football…doesn’t get much better than that!  This month try infusing some fall superfoods into your football party or tailgate.  With a splash of color and freshness, your fall-infused bites will have everyone talking!

  1. Pomegranate salad martinis: Take martini glasses or even shooters and toss in some mixed greens, a sprinkle of bleu cheese, pomegranate seeds, crushed walnuts and a fruit vinaigrette and even the boys will be picking up your salad shooters! Fresh, tasty and colorful, they are a nice addition to a typically calorie-laden spread.
  2. Sweet potato fries: Slice your sweet potatoes, with skin, into wedges and roast with some olive oil, salt and whatever seasoning you like for a healthy, antioxidant-rich twist on your burger’s side-kick! Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which helps the body decrease inflammation.
  3. Stuffed bacon wrapped dates: Take dates to a whole new level with these bite-size babies! Stuff dates with goat cheese (or bleu cheese), wrap with a slice of bacon, cook and drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette!  A delicious way to get fiber into your buffet line-up!
  4. Pumpkin pudding cups: Looking for a light dessert? Try mixing good ole canned pumpkin, cool whip, a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg in a bowl and dishing into little cups.  Top with cool whip and little spoons for an easy, fresh dessert.
  5. Apple-licious: Apples are a great fall food and packed with vitamins and minerals! They can be used in so many ways for a party, but here are a few:
    1. Slice up fresh apples as a layer on a grilled chicken sandwich or burger. The sweet to the protein really adds a nice tasty touch and limits the need for other high calorie options.
    2. Ever grilled apples? Yum! They can be stand-alone like grilled veggies or you can drizzle some vanilla Greek yogurt over them for a tasty dessert.
    3. Have kids at your party? Apples and cheese, peanut butter or yogurt are great party additions for kids and an easy thing to prepare and clean up!

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