Staying Committed to Your 2020 Fitness Goals?

We are more than half-way through January, are you sticking to your new 2020 fitness routine? This is about the time people start falling off the bandwagon, getting busy and going back to their old ways. And let’s face it, fitting in exercise takes time, time you could be doing other things!

As a registered dietitian with a background in fitness, I love exercise! In college and grad school I taught aerobics (now group exercise), was a personal trainer and even worked for Lifetime Fitness as a dietitian. But the reality is lots of people don’t love exercise or being at the gym, and that makes it harder to stick to those fitness goals. For those people, my best recommendation is always, find an activity you enjoy doing at a place you like doing it.

Fitness has really evolved from 20 years ago when I was doing “turn-steps” at gyms all over Fort Worth, TX. There are now luxury-style gyms with all types of classes and personalized services. Recently I got invited to visit the new Equinox Club in Plano, TX. They have truly taken the exercise experience to a whole new level! From Pilates/barre rooms, to a cycle studio, to a roof top fitness area, I was so impressed with everything they are offering in one place. Equinox has truly taken boutique fitness and old-school gyms and created a luxury fitness experience!

The first thing that caught my eye was the modern atmosphere. I love a good atmosphere for fitness or dining, and this place would hands-down make anyone want to workout! Plus, they have a shop with trendy fitness apparel, a café with post-workout fueling snacks and beverages as well as a spa. I could seriously live at this place, especially with the TV-style make-up mirrors and individual stations to get ready. Coming from a girl who got ready at gyms for years, this locker room blew me away!

Outside of the amenities, what I really love are all the personalized services. They have coaches that are trained to help you meet your goals by coaching you on fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management and more! And with personalized testing, the Equinox coaches can truly individualize a plan for you.

If you are looking to stay committed to your fitness routine this year, I would definitely checkout the Equinox Clubs, especially this one if you live in the North Dallas/Plano area. This is a place you will want to go and with all the personalized services, they are making it easy to meet your 2020 goals!

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