One-on-One Consulting

Looking to better your health, eat better, run faster, get stronger, etc.? Working with a Registered Dietitian can help you reach your goals! Contact me today to set up a personal appointment!


Speaking and Consulting

Are you looking for a health, wellness and nutrition specialist to come speak at a business lunch-and-learn, your women's group, your young athlete's team or help you create a wellness plan for your team? A Registered Dietitian can tailor a topic, presentation and program for you!


Media Inquiries

Looking for a science-based professional to answer questions on nutrition, fitness and health? Experience in live and recorded TV and radio, expert quotes, writing, etc.


One-on-One Consulting Defined

Amy can help you develop a nutrition plan that is individualized to you, your exercise training, food likes/dislikes, schedule and the like to help you meet your goals. Appointments can be in person, on the phone or over email. The key to a successful meal plan is tailoring it to you and your nutritional needs.

Speaking and Consulting Defined

From national conferences to company wellness lunch-and-learns to your  athlete's booster club meetings, Amy can tailor a presentation to fit the needs and goals of the audience. With a world full of trendy, mis-information, a Registered Dietitian can provide science-based health, wellness, nutrition and performance knowledge and make it applicable to everyday living and eating.


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