5 Tips to Get Sweatpants Free this Winter

Winter has a way of making us eat more, and not just more, but more high calorie foods.  Creamy soups, breads, fancy warm coffee drinks, etc. appeal to our senses with the cold air all around. And…wearing baggy clothes like sweatpants and big jackets often hide that we might be gaining a pound or two here are there.

Don’t get caught in sweatpants by force this winter! Use these 5 tips to rid yourself of sweatpants and prep for spring:

  1. Build: Build up breakfast! So many people want to eat a light breakfast only to end up feeling “starving” later in the day. Breakfast is the place to eat protein, high fiber carbs and some healthy fat to set the base for your day for eating. Two eggs scrambled with veggies and avocado paired with 2 slices whole wheat toast and berries or oatmeal with peanut butter and banana and a glass of milk are great options!
  2. Simmer: Simmer down dinner! Dinner is a place to lower your calories because you are typically not moving as much. On the reverse, most people eat more at dinner. Aim to keep dinner to lean protein, roasted veggies and some healthy fat. Salmon with roasted veggies drizzled with basil pesto is a good place to start. Swap lettuce wraps for tortillas or spiralized zucchini for pasta. And if you exercised later in the day and are trying to lose weight, make whole grain, high-fiber carbohydrates one-fourth of your plate. If you are training hard or looking to maintain your weight, then make carbs one-third of your plate.
  3. Drink: Not alcohol! Staying hydrated is key in the winter for a few reasons. First, staying hydrated will help your dry winter skin. Second, dehydration can make you feel fatigued.  Finally, filling up on water can help you feel full faster for zero calories. If you hate water, add some fresh fruit for a splash of flavor!
  4. Cut: Cut out added sugar and saturated fat. Limit your intake of packaged foods that can sit on a shelf for weeks or months! Try eating more whole foods and adding in fruits and veggies at the majority of your meals and snacks. The fiber and protein found in these foods will help you get full faster and stay full longer.
  5. Move: Walk, run, bike, swim…whatever you want! Don’t let the cold temps keep you from exercising. Bundle up and go! Or head to the gym, get a workout video or bust out your exercises from third grade as some squat thrusts, high knee running and jumping jacks paired with some push-ups, tricep dips and crunches can do a body some good!

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