Fuel Up with National Oatmeal Month!

Did you know that January is National Oatmeal Month? Many people think cutting out carbohydrates is the answer to losing weight. The truth is that you need carbohydrate for energy and to stay focused! The key is to cut out the processed, sugary carbs and focus on more whole grains and high fiber options. Oats are one of the most angelic carbohydrates that there are. High in fiber and protein, oats can be used any time of day to help you feel full faster and stay full longer! Plus, oats contain soluble fiber which can help lower total and LDL (bad) cholesterol making them heart healthy.

Here are 5 ways to fuel your new year with oats!

  1. Old fashioned oatmeal: With cold mornings amidst us, warm foods sooth our appetites.  Old fashioned oatmeal garnished with chia seeds, nuts, coconut, or berries can be a great way to warm up you morning. Pair your oats with protein like eggs or Greek yogurt for a complete breakfast! Many fast food and convenient stores sell oatmeal to so it’s easy to bring with you and easy to grab on-the-go!
  2. Overnight oats: Many people are on the go in the morning and wish they could grab and go. Overnight oats allow you to prep the night before with your favorite fixings, sit and soak, then are ready for an on-the-go morning. Another great component of overnight oats is you can put dry oats and whatever toppings you want in containers for the week ahead, take them with you and then simply add milk the night before. An easy way to have a healthy breakfast while traveling!
  3. Toasted oats: Instead of using store bought granola, try toasting oats in the oven and then using them to sprinkle in your Greek yogurt parfait or mixed with nuts as a traveling snack that will keep you satisfied.
  4. Use oat flour: Who doesn’t love pancakes or other baked goodies? Oat flour is a great sub for ordinary flour. Higher in fiber, oat flour can help you enjoy a normally “sugary” food in a more “wholesome” way. 
  5. Coat with oats: Crusted chicken and fish are very popular, especially in savory wintery dishes. Usually coated in breadcrumbs, try grinding oats and coating your proteins to add fiber to your protein. Pair the oat-crusted protein with some roasted veggies for a lean, mean, very satisfying dinner!

Think of some ways you can include heart-healthy oats into your diet, then pack them up and bring them with you! Stay fueled and warm out there!