Vacation Eating Tips

It is vacation time and I have a few tips to keep you well-fueled! Now don’t get me wrong, vacation is a time to splurge, relax and enjoy yourself, but being mindful with a few things can help you enjoy your vacation without feeling like you need to go on a crash diet after you return!

  • Be active: Let’s face it, most vacations have more food involved than everyday life.  Being active can help you burn some of those extra calories plus make you feel good.  If you like the gym, most hotels have them so that is an option.  However, you can also go run/walk on the beach, hike in the mountains, bike ride around national parks, snorkel, etc.  There are lots of “fun” ways to enjoy moving on vacation without it being a chore!
  • Sip and savor: If you are like me and love an all-inclusive beach vacations, sip and savor your adult beach beverages and throw bottles of water in between.  Alcohol can add up to lots of calories and dehydrate you in the summer sun.  So, be sure to include water and enjoy your favorite umbrella drink, but don’t go overboard as it can add up! 
  • Don’t skip breakfast: Make time to eat a protein-rich breakfast on vacation before you fill up with junk food all day. Notoriously people that eat less in the morning eat more at night. So, take time to go enjoy a late breakfast or brunch before heading out on your day of activities.  Be sure to include a whole grain, protein and plenty of fluid!  Fruit can help keep you hydrated during the summer too.
  • Eat what you want: Eat what you want, but not everything you have ever wanted! Nine times out of ten I think if people crave or want some food, they should just eat it and be satisfied. Lots of times people will consume 1000 calories trying not to eat a 200-calorie cookie. Vacations often offer delicious foods that you don’t eat everyday so try them and enjoy them, but try not to eat like every night is your last supper!
  • Share dessert: Yes, you should eat dessert on vacation!  Every night? Sure! One idea is to share desserts with your family and friends so that you enjoy some of it without eating all of it.  Having a fruit-based dessert can also lower the calories so that is an option too.

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