10 Snacks to Fuel After School Practice

Tired from being at school all day, but you still have after school sports? A nutrient-rich snack in between these two activities can help boost your energy and help you power through practice. The window of time between the end of the school day and the beginning of after school sports practice is limited. With anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours between, snack needs can vary. Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred energy source, especially for exercise and activities. With less than 1 hour in between school and practice, easy-to-digest carbohydrates are ideal because they can give you quick fuel. Some options include:

  1. Apple sauce pouch
  2. Pretzels or goldfish
  3. Granola bar or granola
  4. Fresh fruit: Banana, grapes, apples
  5. Dried fruit: Cherries, pineapple, fruit leather, raisins, etc.
  6. Peanut butter or cheese crackers
  7. Graham crackers
  8. Cereal
  9. Toast or muffin
  10. Homemade energy bites

If you have 1 hour or greater between school and practice, add a healthy fat or protein to your carbohydrate-rich snack. Protein and fat slow down digestion and help you feel full longer. Adding to the carbohydrates above looks like:

  1. Apple sauce pouch and nuts
  2. Pretzels or goldfish and hummus
  3. Granola bar/granola and yogurt
  4. Fresh fruit and cheese stick
  5. Dried fruit and nuts (trail mix)
  6. Crackers and turkey
  7. Graham crackers and peanut butter
  8. Cereal and yogurt
  9. Toast or muffin and peanut butter
  10. Homemade energy bites