5 Ways to Get Back in the Groove

The holidays have come and gone, but for many people, the pounds are still here. We sipped, we snacked, we sat, and we loved every second of it, but January is now here! The New Year is a great time to get rid of the scrumptious treats and holiday habits that have lived in your house over the last 6–8 weeks. As many people have discovered, a few weeks can do quite the damage to a waistline! But have no fear, New Year’s resolutions are here! 

The key is to keep those resolutions longer than the first few weeks of 2021. Most people set lofty goals, go hard at them and then leave them in the dust and go back to their normal lives. Don’t let that be you! Here are 5 ways to get back into the groove after the holidays:

  1. Post your goals –One way to keep your goals is to post them where you can see them.  Whether it’s in your office, on your bathroom mirror or even as your screen saver on your phone, get your goals visible! One idea is to make a list of long-term goals and then pick a few to work on immediately. Many people make lofty goals and then can only make them last for a few weeks. You would do better to pick one or two things to work on now, make those a habit over the next 3–4 weeks, then pick two more goals to work on and repeat.  As a result, over the next six months you will have made a lot of permanent changes.
  2. Set your alarm – Early in the morning, the only thing that gets in the way of exercise is you! Later in the day meetings, kids and appointments can mess up your schedule, but if you set your alarm early you are more likely to get it done! You may not like the buzzer at the time, but it will benefit you and give you more energy later!
  3. Prep ahead – If things are planned and prepped, you are way more likely to do it. So, for example, if your clothes and shoes are on the floor by your bed, it might motivate you to get up and get going versus if you have to go find clothes, socks, etc. If your lunch is packed and snacks are ready to go the night before, the easier it makes your morning. If you have to whip up meals when you are in a hurry, you are more likely to think “I’ll just grab something later”, which can set you up to make a less healthy choice later. 
  4. Eat early, eat often – There is a myth that if you eat light meals during the day, you will eat a “sensible dinner”. Nothing could be further from the truth! The goal is to eat more during the day when you are up moving, at work, exercising, chasing kids, etc. Then eat less at night when you are sitting still. If you eat enough during the day, you are likely to be less hungry at night thus helping with portion size. So, make your goal to eat small, frequent meals over the course of the day.
  5. Get a large water bottle – It’s time to leave the sugary coffee drinks and cocktails behind and start hydrating with calorie-free beverages like water. Most people consume a decent amount of liquid calories over the holidays, so the goal is to find a nice water bottle that you can fill up at work and at home and carry it with you. Fill it up as much as you can! A general goal is to divide your weight in half and drink that many ounces of fluid over the course of the day, then add in 5–10 oz for every 15–20 minutes of exercise.