Stay on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions

January is coming to an end. You were so passionate about your new year’s resolutions, but it has been a few weeks, the holidays are over and reality has kicked in. Routine is back in action and staying motivated is easier said than done. Are you having a hard time staying on track? That’s normal! Here are a few tips that will help you conquer the resolutions you started!

  1. Get an accountability partner – Talking to someone about your goals can help encourage you to accomplish them. If that person participates with you, even better! Maybe you and your spouse are trying to eat healthier, if so, get in the kitchen together and cook some healthy meals you can share. A support system is a major part of what can make or break your goal, so make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who are positive and will encourage you.
  2. Have a reward Maybe your goal is to lose weight. For every pound lost, reward yourself with a couple dollars in a bucket. When you finally reach your goal weight, take it out and buy new work out gear or something that you wouldn’t have purchased without your accomplishment. The key is to not make your reward food.
  3. Schedule healthy decisions on your calendar – This is imperative. Write it (snack time, exercise, taking a walk work-break, etc.) down and look at it over and over. Put sticky notes in familiar places you look often or on the fridge to help remind and motivate you. Schedule healthy decisions on your phone calendar and set reminders to alert you. Whatever works for you, make it happen. Manipulate your schedule, so that your resolution becomes a priority!
  4. Don’t limit yourself – Have you already reached your goal? Make a new one! Maybe you don’t like your specific goal. Change it! You want your goal to be fun and something you look forward to. Started running and then realize your knees are older than they used to be? Try walking or biking instead! Commit to eating a food you don’t really like or is too hard to prepare, choose a different food.
  5. Take out things that are not necessary – This is probably the most important thing on the list. Stop wasting time on those things that do not matter. Rank the major things in order that you need to do that day, and accomplish them from the top of the list, down. You will feel so much better at the end of the day that you conquered your top priorities!  Making healthy choices is not easy; if it was, everybody would be doing it! So, focus on what is important to you and your health and let’s get rolling with it!