Tailgate Tweaks – Game Changers for Your Football Favorites

September has started and fall is finally here, which means it’s officially football season! Whether you are cheering on your alma mater’s college team or your favorite NFL team, tailgate parties are a fun way to root for your team with friends, family, and of course a delicious spread. When hosting a tailgate party, here are some game-changing options to help you make the most of your spread:

  • Bite-Size Servings: Bite-size foods allow people to grab one or two small servings of food and move on. This way everyone can try a little of a lot of things without feeling overly full. Sliders, toothpick veggie skewers, and bite-size desserts are great ways to serve a variety of smaller options.
  • Add Color: Brighten your spread and add flavorful vitamins and minerals with a colorful veggie platter or a festive salad. You can even get creative and choose toppings for your salad that match your team’s colors! Is your team blue and white? Add blueberries for a burst of flavor and white cheese for added protein! What about red and yellow? Cherry tomatoes and yellow bell peppers pair wonderfully together! The opportunities are endless to support your favorite team with all of the colorful fruits and veggies!
  • Fuel-Up Dips: Sub higher fat sour cream-based dips like ranch and onion dip with Greek yogurt as the base. This adds a pop of protein to your spread (trust me no one will notice)! Hummus and guacamole are also great options to add fiber and heart-healthy fats to game day, and don’t forget salsa! It packs a flavorful punch without excessive calories.  
  • Choose a Crunchy Variety: You can’t have a tailgate party without good old-fashioned chips but you can include a variety of dip friendly crunchy options! Crunchy vegetables like carrots, celery, and sliced cucumber are great dip scooping additions to add a nutrient packed crunch to your spread. Whole grain crackers and pita chips are also great options to add in addition to classic chips.