Wanna Win This Season? Get a Game Plan!

For a football team to win, they meticulously plan in advance for schemes, run games, and trick plays. Just as the players plan for what could happen in the game, we too must plan for what trick plays we could face in the game of life to throw off our good eating efforts. Here are 5 tips to keep you in the game this season:

  1. Develop a game plan: If you think you will go through the day and healthy meals and snacks will miraculously appear, you are sadly mistaken yourself. If you want to eat better, you have to plan for it. Take time at the beginning of the week to bag up snacks and make a list of what you need before going to the store. A little preparation will save you a lot of heartache and frustration later in the week (or game)!  If you want to win, you must have a plan.
  2. Stick to the plan when it seems like it’s not working: Many times, in football we think “Why are they still running the ball?!  It is not working!” The truth is they are sticking to the plan and what they know works long-term. The same is true with eating and working out. You may not see results over night, but sticking with a plan will produce long-term results, so don’t get frustrated. Just keep running the ball!
  3. Plan for fumbles: There will be fumbles in football and with eating, but just because you mess up at one meal does not mean the whole day is a waste. You have plenty of tries to get right back on track. So many people eat a donut in the morning or a bite-size candy bar and then say “oh well” to the rest of the day.  Don’t let that be you; get up and try again!
  4. Throw a challenge flag every once and awhile: Sometimes you have to challenge yourself to get ahead, just like in a football game where there is a questionable call. That could be challenging yourself to skip dessert one weekend night, to take a harder class at the gym or to choose a lighter lunch when all your friends are eating chips and guacamole. Those who challenge themselves usually come out on top.  Every day doesn’t require a challenge, but sometimes it can push you ahead.
  5. Celebrate moderately: In football, we all see players go crazy after a touchdown and then get called for a penalty. While they now allow some dancing, going overboard can do you in…just like with eating. If it’s a birthday or special occasion, splurge some and enjoy it. The key is eat what you want and not everything you ever wanted! Going overboard on a regular basis might cause a penalty in the game of eating, at least at your waistline.