The 3 M’s Every Woman Needs to Add to Her 2024 Routine

This year, make your goals real-life, “real life” in that they are doable, they are sustainable, and they make you feel good. So, what are some of the things you SHOULD include in your 2024 routine? I’ve got 3 M’s you need to take note of!


While treadmills are good, this year, it’s time to add strength training to your routine! While so many women stay away from weights thinking they will “bulk up”, the truth is, skipping out on strength training likely does more harm than good. Why you ask? Check out some of the benefits strength training provides women:

Improves bone mineral density – Yes, it’s true that you develop bone when you are young, but as you age, you have to work to maintain your bone mineral density. Strength training temporarily puts stress on your bones causing them to get stronger.

Increases muscle strength – It’s not enough to look lean, you need to be strong. Increasing muscle strength can help you conquer day-to-day activities as you age like picking up kids (or grandkids) and lugging groceries up the stairs. Plus, it also helps with core balance, an essential component to help prevent falls later in life.

Improves range of motion – Strength training can also help with flexibility and joint mobility. The more you move, the more your joints will continue to move with you. This can help reduce the risk of joint stiffness and immobility as you age.


Dry January is all the rage, but while you might just think of taking out alcohol, I want you to think about adding in functional ingredients to improve your health. My ingredient for women in 2024? Creatine Hydrochloride (Creatine HCl).

Why is it my recommended supplement for women? First, because creatine HCl helps improve muscle strength and supports the work you put in each time you do the strength training we just talked about — but that’s not all! Creatine supplementation also promotes brain performance, with studies showing improvement in mental fatigue, memory, and attention. And it has even been shown to have protective effects, potentially reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Finally, creatine supplementation also supports immune functions by offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that could contribute to better vascular health and heart health. One study found that creatine positively influences both innate and adaptive immune responses, boosting natural killer cell activity, increasing cytokine production, and reducing inflammation.You may have heard about creatine, but I specifically recommend Creatine HCl (hydrochloride) for women because it is 7x more concentrated and 59% more soluble than traditional creatine monohydrate. This means you need a smaller dosage to achieve optimal results, so there is less likelihood of unpleasant digestive discomfort and bloating often associated with other creatine forms. Women also typically have 70 to 80% lower levels of creatine stores than men, which are partly controlled by hormones, so hormonal shifts in women may play an important role in the availability of natural creatine in the body.

And when it comes to enhancing mocktails, I love the CON-CRĒT lemon lime creatine HCl. It’s the perfect base for your next mojito mocktail! Not only does it taste delicious, but it can help you conquer your 2024 goals!  I’ll cheers to that!


Make your goals SMALL and SMART: I am all about the small goal. While it does not sound as glamorous as extreme diets and cleanses, the reality is they are not sustainable. If you want to truly achieve a goal, make it something you can actually do, a small habit that you can change on a regular basis.

You’ve probably heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals, but how often do you apply this framework to what you want to accomplish? The key is to dial in on the details. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound – these are the ingredients that turn vague aspirations into actionable plans. Take your small goal and put in place the day-to-day things you have to do to make it happen.

How do you do this long term?

  • Get an accountability partner – Find someone to support you, and ideally not a spouse or person in your house. Then establish how and when you are going to check in with each other. Set some ground rules and expectations, then follow-through.
  • Schedule your goals on your calendar – If you really want to see success, schedule your goals. Set meeting times for workouts and snacks. Then if something goes array and you can’t do it, reschedule it. You wouldn’t just erase a work meeting off your schedule, you’d reschedule it. Do the same with the day-to-day steps it takes to meet your goals.
  • Have a recovery plan – Newsflash. Everything will not go as planned all the time, so have a plan for when it doesn’t. Some days you will miss the workout or eat the cookie, so when you do, what’s the plan for the rest of the day? Don’t throw the whole day away, reframe it, recover, and stay on track.

This year don’t let your New Year’s goals get you! Apply the 3 M’s and you got get them!